How can I prevent save data from update overwrite

So I have been saving data on iOS and Android using IsolatedStorageFile and IsolatedStorageFileStream. Everything works great, except that I updated the Android build, and I noticed that the data was overwritten.

So I took a better look to see where the save file ends up, and I found that the file is saved inside the .APK itself, meaning that every time I submit a new .APK the game’s save file will be overwritten.

How can I prevent this? I am assuming it will be the same on iOS although I haven’t checked. Do you guys have a better way of writing save data?

I’d be interested if this really is a problem. Do people really lose their saved game when they install the update?
I thought that the APK is read-ony.

On iOS it gets saved in a hidden directory inside the save folder of the application so that’s not a problem.

I had a look at it and it is not saved inside the APK.