How can I publish my game with Monogame?

There is truly no instructions at all.

Because there can be no instructions.
There are many ways to publish your game/software. It really depends on your game/software and where/how/to whom you want to publish.

Why don’t you tell us how you want to publish your game and then we can give you some advice on how to do it :slight_smile:

I want to publish my game in Windows, and pack my game into an .exe file. Can I have a solution? Or I’m just too newb to deal with this topic?
I want to distribute my game to normal game players without giving them complicated instructions.

Oh… I found out how to do this just now. Searching “make .exe file with visual studio” gave me the solution. Sorry for annoying you guys. Have a good time.

You should go back to the basics of programming. Creating an .exe-File is not at all Monogame-Specific.
Try to read up on some topics like compilers, jit, x86.

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Hi Yoka, welcome to the forums…

Please try to be more specific than this in future, it helps us help you better.

Windows has several eco systems, most use the .EXE method [or .MSI] whereas the other is the Microsoft Store.

Happy coding!

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There are several ways to you may publish your game. However, to do so without giving a user headaches while protecting your intellectual property.

First, you should get yourself a decent .NET Obfuscator such as BabelFor.NET. I have used this tool and it is probably the best one available. This will prevent most people from disassembling your code into source-code.

Second, too deploy your actual software, especially a game you may use the SteamWorks package on Steam or set up your own deployment system. For the latter, probably the best one to use and is also the most affordable is Deploy Master from Just Great Software.

Marketing software on the Internet these days is almost impossible to do individually since the costs are too high and the results from so many servers online are most often poor. As a result, for a game, you have plenty of communities that you can join to promote your work. In such communities you will be able to network with other developers to find new leads for your software.

You can also make such announcements on social media pages you have set up for your software but I wouldn’t bother with any paid advertising since you will probably not get your money’s worth.

These are just some of my own suggestions. Other commenters may have different ones or even better ones.


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