How can I stop ParticleEmitter?

Hello, I followed example here - Particles | MonoGame.Extended

My ParticleEffect has one ParticleEmitter and even if I set autoTrigger to false, it starts automatically.
How can I stop (or control) emitting new particles? I tried clearing List but it removes the emitters completely, with existing particles.

Maybe not call _particleEffect.Update or _spritebatch.draw(particleeffect) until you want it to display?

If I stop updating it, existing particles are not moving, they just stop everything.
If I stop drawing it, then suddenly they disappears. Just like clearing the list of emitters.

I want to stop producing new particles, but the old ones should slowly disappear.

i got it

emitter.AutoTrigger = false;

Thank you very much!!
I was using a tweener that reduces the scale of the particles until they disappear, but this is better.

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