How do decide between 1x and 2x

I’ve started using the nuget versions (1x) in my game, but have downloaded the develop branch which has 2x features in it. As I move along, some of the 2x features are appealing to me.

The problem I have is I am not sure which to use for the long term. Is there an ETA for when 2.0 will be stable? I don’t want to start using the latest of 2.0 if it’s timeline is way beyond my project timeline. I can always extract features from 2.0 that are missing in 1x, but would prefer to not.

For example, the screen system in 1x runs the lifecycle on all the screens, but I like the screen system in develop which has the notion of an active screen. I can clearly use the strategy in dev (and adjust as needed) but not sure how far to go with that type of solution.

No ETA but I can say it won’t be anytime soon. We’re only just getting started really.

Yes, you can do that if you want.

One fairly common approach is to make a fork of the repository in your own github account and make your game with that. You then have control over when you want to pull in new changes as they become available.

If you want to follow along with development I’ll be talking about it on my patreon page.

Yes, it seems a fork and ad-hoc is the only way to go. I just ran into another flaw in 1x for the viewports, the notes seem to say the develop branch doesnt have the problems. Here we go…