How do I go about adding a player object onto a fixed isometric TiledMap object?

New to extended. Managed to get my tiled map rendered last night but realized I didn’t know how to properly manipulate the TiledMap object. Does anyone have any code samples on how they went about doing so? (i.e, adding characters/objects to tiles, changing tiles, selecting tiles etc).

I’ve taken a look at the demos but I couldnt understand how it managed to connect the player to a tile, if it did so at all.

EDIT: I’ve managed to dig up this thread from 2 years ago:

It appears some work has been done on exactly this subject, has the situation progressed since then?

I’m interested in learning about this as well. One way I was thinking of is to have a separate tile layer dedicated to collision (Ex. named “Collision”). Then you can color-code the tiles that your character can’t move through and determine what to do from there in your game.

However, I hope there’s a better way to do this in Tiled.

I have taken a look at the .Extended.Tiled source code and it looks like all the data from .tmx files is read-only once imported, so that probably rules out directly adding/modifying a character onto the map. I’d hate to do free-rendering since Im trying to make a tactical RPG, so i want the character model movement to be fixed within the tile’s bounds.

Hope the dev can expand on this.

Hey @thefrostwyrm

I believe we spoke about this on our Discord server but I just wanted to answer here as well for anyone else reading this thread.

You’re not the first person to run into the limitations of the Tiled Map renderer in Extended.

Shortly, I’m going start work on improving our Tiled package and it’d be super helpful if we could get your input on the issue.