How do I implement an XAML Textbox Control for Windows store game using Monogame!

Hi Everyone!

I have been combing codeplex, MSDN’s, and this site for a direct solution for the implementation of a textbox within my Windows Store game. My question is, do we have to create a project as an blank XAML page if we intend on using XAML controls, such as a textbox, or is there an plug-n-play way that I can do it within my almost completed game application?

I’ve created the textbox.XAML control and can instantiate it, but I am missing something. Can I just implement that control over my game, or do I have to create an XAML project?

I have implemented and using Windows.UI.Popups, which converts the focus to the pop-up. Can the textbox be similarly created and implemented through code?


Here is the help that I was looking for if anyone runs into the same dilemma and wants to include xaml in there already started monogame/game project! This guy’s blog helps out perfectly!