How do i install Monogame on Monodevelop for Ubuntu 15.04

Hi there,

I’ve recently installed Ubuntu 15.04 and Monodevelop 5.5 because i am using a slow computer.

I’ve run the downloaded ‘’ and built the monogame-pipeline.deb package and run that.

I also run the Addin from the Addin Manager…

However i do not get the Project Templates for XNA development or any Game development for that matter.

Have i installed this correctly? if not how? and where are my project templates?

All I’m getting is:

I’m not sure if the actual packages are being loaded because the file only builds but does not run.

I’m guessing the libraries haven’t been installed properly?

I had the same issue with monodevelop 4, and fixed it by updating to the last version, you should install monodevelop from xamarin repositories, not from ubuntu’s repos (instructions here: You will then find the monogame addin in the addin-manager gallery.

Hope it helped!