How do I install Monogame without the XNA SDK on Windows?

I read here ( that you’re not required to install the XNA SDK when using Monogame anymore, since the latest builds of Monogame include a custom content pipeline.

I tried downloading the latest version of Monogame on my machine but couldn’t get it to run, and I’ve been looking around for a good tutorial for how to install Monogame without the XNA SDK, but I just can’t seem to find it. Was the blog post I read correct about Monogame not needing the XNA SDK?

I Will try m’y best to answer you , but , what do you mean by installing monogame ? You mean have a ready to go dev environment to start compiling your game ?

And yes you are right , xna is only needed when you want to create a content project , but it’s acctually useless because you should use the executable program tool: monogame content pipeline which do the work 99% of the time, you Will have compiled .xnb resource file ready to load with Content.load(assetString) which assetString is the name of your xnb file which is on the folder Content of your project (if you don’t have it , you can create it ) after it all depend on your version of IDE if it’s vs 2010,2012,2013 etc…

Yes, that’s exactly what I meant. I’m not a very experienced programmer, but I used XNA to create a few small games some years ago. About 1 year ago, I read about Monogame and tried to get it to work, but I remember it being a hassle to get to work correctly.

Is Visual Studio the recommended IDE to use? What about Monodevelop/Xamarin studio? And are the express versions enough? As I remember from trying to use Monogame 1 year ago, you had to purchase some more powerful version of Visual Studio to get Monogame to work completely.

No no dont worry , you CAN and its really recommenced to use visual studio 2013 express if you dev to windows ; it’s free , and really powerful ! To install monogame , the developer recommend to use the latest development build as possible , like that you have the latest change and it’s more easy to report bug you encountered !

So let’s sum up it :
Install visual studio 2013 express , you can found it on the Microsoft website

Install the latest monogame installer from development build here :<default>&guest=1#!ossgocr

Then open visual studio and start a windows project ! It’s easy as this !

Ps : I don’t know Xamarin method , but some tutorial might exist on it

And then you are ready to begin your game !

I managed to do this just fine, but the problem of content creation still persists for me. A content project is not created by default (as it would be with XNA), and I can’t figure out how to use the Pipeline.exe (which I found after some digging around) and how to easily integrate it in game creation.

If I only want to target Windows desktop, is there any advantage in using Monogame instead of regular XNA?

In fact it’s recommended to use monogame than xna because xna is abandoned by Microsoft ,

For the content project don’t worry I was exactly confuse like you , but in fact it’s straightforward

Don’t try to create a monogame content project into vs 2013, because it wouldn’t work, instead use the content pipeline , to do this -)

Search something called pipeline content.exe or something like this on you windows search bar , execute it ,

Before to explain you what to do I need to explain you how it work -)

In fact the pipeline.exe is a GUI ( graphical user interface ) for compiling your content to .xnb file that can be loaded from the content manager inside the code with a this.content.load TypeOfContent("contentWithoutExtension)

The content you compile can be various things like jpeg, png, sound , .fx file , font etc…

Then you jus have to grab the generated xnb to Content folder of your visual studio project by drag and drop , after , don’t forget to check on vs , if the file you paste has the right property : "copy if newer " that will simply copy your resource just to be used by your executable game.exe

So now , how pipeline gui work ?

Basically , create a new project inside , and you can right click on the tree at the left , and chose : add existing item , then you can chose your resource to be loaded like I said it can be various extension supported by monogame ,
Then when you are go , you click on build , then if everything is ok you will have generated xnb file ready to be used :smile:

Tell me If you don’t understand something I will try my best to answer you because I was the same as you 3 weeks before !

I got it working, thank you!

Though, I have to stay it’s still kind of a hassle to get the content into the game, compared to how you do it in XNA. Hopefully it can be integrated even more into Visual Studio in the future!

Glad to ear it work for you!
Yea for the moment as I understand , monogame depend on xna content pipeline , but soon , a content project entirely free from xna will be release and won’t be dependent anymore of xna !