How do I make monogame NOT build certain files

Ever since I built .png files and added .xnb files with them my game starting up takes like 20 seconds to start up instead of a few seconds. I went in Content Pipeline, and built all of the .png files and now every time i deploy or build it , it has to add all the .xnb files with it. How do I undo it?

If you don’t change the content it will not be rebuilt when you trigger a build. The time of the last build is stored for each content object and is compared to last modification of the content file to see if it needs building. How are you handling content? With the MonoGameContentReference build action or with the Pipeline Tool?

Pipeline Tool. I’m just frustrated with the extended startup time of my game, and it’s gonna slow down development a LOT…

In the build tool you can set each asset’s build action to “Build” or “Copy”. Not sure if this is what you’re looking for but setting them to “Copy” will prevent them from building. You could also try just removing them from the content tool.

Like I said the pipeline tool doesn’t rebuild content if it hasn’t changed. Unless you clean first or trigger a rebuild.

You mean you actually open up the pipeline tool and build before running your game?

@James_Maslaki When you say “startup time”, do you mean build time or application launch time?

No. i just wanna remove certain files but i can’t. if i delete a file from content it says “Cannot find picture.png!” and idk how to get rid of it…

I mean both build time and application launch time.