How Do I Package Windows MG App As A Single Binary?


Sorry for the noob-ish question, I’ve only been developing on Windows for a week.

I have my game successfully and fairly painlessly ported from Android/iOS and now want to package as an application for distribution to a few people to test. The default project settings seem to package all assets (dll + content) ‘loose’ in a directory - it works fine if I zip this up and send to people but I’d rather have everything packaged into a single binary. Is this possible and could someone give me any pointers?


This is a question I’ve wondered about myself. One way—not exactly ideal—is to include all the source, MonoGame and all dependencies, in the project and build it so it doesn’t reference any DLLs. The other would be to package it with some kind of installer, though I have no idea how one does that.

It may be that distributing the zipped Debug folder is the best way to go about it.