How do i play audio in monogame and what audio formats are supported?

I want to play a song in my monogame project. but I don’t know how to.

Can add mp3, ogg or wma music to Content. [all convert to xnb]

Song music;
// in load:
music = Cont.Load<Song>(filename);
MediaPlayer.IsRepeating = true;
// in update:
// ensure playing: 
if (MediaPlayer.State == MediaState.Stopped) MediaPlayer.Play(music); 
else if (MediaPlayer.State == MediaState.Paused) MediaPlayer.Resume(); 

// could have support stuff like this too:
void stop_song(bool rewind = true) {
    if (rewind) MediaPlayer.Stop();
        else MediaPlayer.Pause();

void song_unpause() { MediaPlayer.Resume(); }

void PlayMusic(Song song, bool loop)
    MediaPlayer.IsRepeating = loop;

// stop all sound and music: 
void StopAllSounds(bool allow_music, bool total_stop = false) {            
    if (allow_music) {
        if (total_stop) MediaPlayer.Stop();
        else if (MediaPlayer.State == MediaState.Playing) MediaPlayer.Pause(); 
    // SoundEffectInstances - turn them all off (use array if lots)
    Silence(total_stop, DragonHorseSound);
    // etc...         
void Silence(bool total_stop, SoundEffectInstance sfx) {
    if (sfx == null) return;
    if (total_stop) sfx.Stop(); 
    else if (sfx.State == SoundState.Playing) sfx.Pause();

void ResumeAllSounds(bool allow_music) {
    if (allow_music) { if (MediaPlayer.State == MediaState.Paused) MediaPlayer.Resume(); }
    // etc... (use array if lots..)
void Rezume(SoundEffectInstance sfx) {
    if (sfx == null) return;
    if (sfx.State == SoundState.Paused) sfx.Resume();

void SetMusicVolume(float vol)
    MediaPlayer.Volume = vol;  
    // or use: MediaPlayer.Volume = vol * g.master_volume_factor; 
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Built-in audio system is garbage. I recommend using FMOD or WWise. For FMOD, tho, I already wrote a Monogame wrapper.

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