How do I play MP3/OGG sound?

By itself Protogame only supports WAV, which is to be honest an outdated format. All platforms supported by Protogame can support either OGG or mp3, so I don’t get why only wav is supported by asset tool.

Basically needs to be updated to use the MonoGame compilation APIs to compile the content into an XNB. Happy to accept a PR which does this.

Sorry but your Code have a ‘IAssetCompiler’ class.
without Access to this class the Code can not used!

The source code for Protogame is available here:

If you’ve started with a template and you want to be able to edit the source code, open up a terminal, cd to the directory where your project is, and then run:

Protobuild.exe --swap-to-source Protogame

then after saving everything in Visual Studio:

Protobuild.exe --resync

When the solution reloads you should see all of the Protogame source code there and you can edit it as you like.