How Do You Build .tsx Files?


I’m new to MonoGame Extended and though to give it a try with a test tmx file. I have the extended, graphics, tiled and content pipeline nuget packages installed. I also have the references added for the dll files for extended and another for content pipeline. I then added my .tmx, .tsx and png (source) into a folder named Map. The png and tmx successfully got built, but I’m curious what I do with the tsx file as it doesn’t have any default importer and processors.

I tried using the same importers and processors as the tmx file but it simply gives me an error:

If I leave it as it is and run my program, it basically states that I need an importer/processor if I have no importer and processor set (obviously) and if I add the 2 default monogame extended ones I get basically the same error as the screenshot.

I’m happy to provide more information if needed.

Thank you.

If I recall correctly you don’t actually need to add the .tsx files to the Content Pipeline. Looking at the demos on github there’s few examples that use .tsx files and they are not currently added to the Content.mgcb file.

That said, it’s probably not technically correct to work this way. I just tried adding the .tsx files to the demos and they appear to correctly have an importer and processor.

Maybe you’re using an older version of Extended or an older version of MonoGame?