How far are we off .NET Standard 2 compatability?

I’m not asking for a timeline.

Clearly, we have several packages you can install to get monogame features. My project has had a PCL referencing the .Portable package for a while now, but that dependency has begun to be a real pain, with how it deals with framework versions.

Today, .NET Standard 2.0 went into preview officially, so I thought I’d update my projects to the latest versions of things, and finally solve my issues by changing my PCLs to Standard. When I try to install any of the Monogame packages, it runs for less than a millisecond, and then says it’s finished, with no reference formed.

Considering how many targets Monogame has, we can’t be far off compatibility with it - it wouldn’t surprise me if releasing a valid package was trivial, but it also may not be. Does Monogame have a lot of platform-specific references slowing this down? I’m honestly surprised that it didn’t just work like most things did.

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I’m interested too to this question :slight_smile: