How long to receive the Nintendo Switch MonoGame Build?

I was accepted as a Switch Dev and already registered for the MonoGame access on the Nintendo Developer Portal. I haven’t got any response yet. How long do I have wait? Or do I have do something different do gain access to the MonoGame Switch Build?

Hi @Juice, Welcome to the Community.

I would assume @Tom is a little preoccupied right now with more pressing matters, so, give it a little time, it is as far as I know, a manual process.

In the mean time, keep smushing those bugs,

Happy Coding!

Thanks for the reply man!
Happy to have joined the forum.

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Just a little nudge at @Tom or @Jjagg or @KonajuGames as I may need some advice on this matter in the near future too.

I helped Juice a few days ago… this is resolved.

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Hello @Jjagg, @KonajuGames - if one of you all can help V7 Entertainment get access to MonoGame Switch repo, that would be much appreciated! I have already pinged Tom but thought I might as well ping here in case he has his hands full. Thanks crew, we will wait for our turn.

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