How to build a sample game project from

If you open the solution it says the project does not exist and when you try to copy all of the things into a new project it will give a lot of errors in the content(even you add it to the content folder through MGCB) and say some imports doesn’t exist, i don’t know what to do

Did you include MonoGame in the NuGet?


Show us some of the errors, and the template you are copying to?

I’m copying this one:
and here are some of the errors: Couldn’t find a default importer for 'C:/Users//Desktop/Folders/C# projects/TestGame/TestGame/Content/Textures/Spells/SmallIcon.xnb’! TestGame C:\Users*\Desktop\Folders\C# projects\TestGame\TestGame\Content\Textures\Spells\SmallIcon.xnb 1
Error Couldn’t find a default importer for 'C:/Users/
/Desktop/Folders/C# projects/TestGame/TestGame/Content/Textures/Spells/Scroll.xnb’! TestGame C:\Users*\Desktop\Folders\C# projects\TestGame\TestGame\Content\Textures\Spells\Scroll.xnb 1
Error Couldn’t find a default importer for 'C:/Users/*/Desktop/Folders/C# projects/TestGame/TestGame/Content/Textures/Spells/Potion3h.xnb’! TestGame C:\Users*\Desktop\Folders\C# projects\TestGame\TestGame\Content\Textures\Spells\Potion3h.xnb 1
i put the ****

While I think it was fixed in… has your username got a space in it?

And can you explain how you are setting up the project?

My username doesn’t have a space in it and i tried opening it from the solution as i stated and it didn’t work, then i tried to copy every single folder into an newley opended project and still didn’t wor

Those samples are 12 years old. Possibly they will don’t work with 3.8.1.
You need to upgrade then to the new mg.


That got me thinking, are those xnbs in need of recreating?

How do i upgrade them? do i need to it manually?