How to call method from AndroidGameActivity (i.e. for displaying admob-ads)

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we have a few methods on our Activity1 to show admob-banners or interstitial. I´m fairly new to xamarin and the mixed Android/Java-style/XML/C#-Stuff but I just can´t figure out how to call any of those methods from our Game1-Activity. I tried to save the instance of Activity1 in a member of Game1 and tried to call it from there but I just don´t know how to do.
There must be a real easy solution for that as nobody else seemed to have that problem but maybe somebody out there can help me out here.

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You need to cast the Activity property to your derived Activity type.

Activity1 myActivity = (Activity1)Game.Activity;

Thank you KonajuGames

I actually thought that I did that already but I guess I didn´t :slight_smile:
That´s kinda embarassing as it´s standard c#-stuff and doesn´t have anything to do with Xamarin. :anguished:

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