How to create a test project

I am wondering if is it possible to create test project for monogame.Android project, I have some classes and methods that I want to write some unit tests and test methods.
I tried using MSTEST project template in VS2022 and setting target framework of test project to same as my monogame project but it doesn’t work and throws error of missing framework.
is there any tutorials or documents about how to write some unit tests for monogame android
I also saw MSTestX for but not sure it is working for monogame as the document is talking about writing tests for Xamarin.Forms project

For myself, I just had all my code in a stand alone project that I shared between all my platform projects. The bulk of my code was platform independent and was unit tested using MSTEST for the unit test framework and NSubstitute for mocking. For anything that was platform specific, I just didn’t unit test it… since you can’t really do that anyway. Keep in mind that the things I put in the platform specific area were the bare minimum functionality to support the interfaces I was creating.

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