How to create bundle for Mac App Store?

Hi there,
a few years ago it was possible to just sign your monogame app for release on Mac app store from within Visual Studio Mac. Since a while (at least 2 years) the “Mac Build” and “Mac Signing” settings aren´t available on a standard monogame-project created on a mac.
Is there any way to create a bundle for the Mac App Store via Visual Studio or maybe via external tools or do I have to create a publish directory via “dotnet -publish…” and copy the plist-files in there as well and use some external code signing tool to create the bundle?
Thank you,

I´ve exported the game with “Publish to folder” and was able to use the build on epic and steam but it would be still nice to publish it on the “real” Mac app store as well. Which is also possible with some commandline tools but it would make it a lot easier if monogame would work with xamarin.mac again and not just a barebone .net
Any ideas why this was changed? Back then it was really easy to export packages and use all the xamarin stuff as well. I would for example like to use in-app-purchases which seem to be hard or impossible to do with just .net and no xamarin.mac?
Does anybody know if xamarin.mac support will come back?