How to create new Xbox One XDK project?

I have found that MonoGame supports Xbox One (both UWP and XDK)
I know how to create only UWP project with Visual Studio, but i couldn’t find any info about how to create XDK project. Where can i find it?

XDK is not publicly available, so you need to have id@xbox account and contact @tomspilman for access to the private repo.

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If you simply want to create UWP projects for the Xbox, you only need to register for the new Xbox Live Creators Program

For this you don’t need the XDP or access to the Xbox branch of MonoGame, just the Windows 10 UWP templates. (targeting the Anniversary build 14393+)
I did a video session on this there:

If you then want to go Full native, as @harry-cpp states, you will need to apply to ID@Xbox with a pitch for your title. I recommend starting with UWP, then look to ID if you are hitting the perf wall and have a project you can demo to them.

Remember UWP, gives you access to all Win 10 platforms, from Desktop / laptop / mobile / xbox and even HoloLoens.
Native only gives you xbox

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