How to deal with mouse coordinates?

I want to know when Window.AllowUserResizing is true,How to deal with mouse coordinates?
I’m sorry, my English is so bad.Please tell me as easily as possible.

Use class MouseState

In that link is detailed explain (the entire site is good for beginners). Anyway, you can use google, a lot of answers are pretty easy to find, and you do not have wait.

Sorry for my english too, is very bad (my natal languaje is spanish).

The mouse/Touch coordinates is always relative to the backbuffer dimensions.

On windowed mode the backbufferSize == WindowSize and the Mouse:Pixels are 1 to 1.

On fullscreen you can scale the backbuffer. If the monitor is 800x600 and you scale it to 400x300, them mouse will return values from (0,0) to (400,300)

Well technically, under XNA the backbuffer was always the same as the Window size.

But under MG that’s not always the case. Fullscreen has a softMode, StoreApps don’t resize the window on Windowed mode and so on.
On every case this might work differently from what you expect…

Thank you for your answer。Calculate the proportion,Zoom?

I used scaling before, but I needed to do it every time I drew it, and I thought monogame had such API,It looks like I’m wrong

Thank you very much. I’ll go and see it later

Thank you. I’ll try again