How to detect if a Joystick is a Gamepad?

Hi there,

I got few generic pads that are not referenced by MG as GamePads but are present as Joysticks, so i used Joystick classe for my project, but then i realised that JoystickState.Hats return wrong values for my Xbox360 wired pad! :confused:

So i’d like to be able to use GamePad class for every pad recognized, and Joystick class for others, but to do so, i need to be able to compare Guids or Ids, and it looks like they’re not exposed.

Any suggestion?


Currently there is no way to check for that, I’ll see if I can get it implemented…

Great! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Could we get access to the real physical Id / Guid in GamePad & Joystick classes too, in order to compare?

Joystick class already has access to it. Gamepad class does not have access to it since you can’t really access it on all platforms.

Oh i see. that’s the reason. I think your new IsGamepad flag should be enough to do the job.
Thank you.