How to develop a 2D platform game by MonoGame?

hi, everyone,
I want to develop a 2D game like super mario, how to develop it by MonoGame?

PS: I have read some MonoGame tutorials such as:

all the MonoGame tutorials just tell you how to start to use MonoGame, but I want to know more,
does anyone can give me some ideas, thank you very much!


There are plenty of tutorials, you just need to know where to look for them. You could also look for open source projects, I know for sure that there are many XNA/MonoGame Super Mario clones on GitHub and GitLab.

For simple platforming mechanics: Simple platformer game tutorial

Platformer2D example project: MonoGame sample projects

Note that not all XNA/MonoGame tutorials work 1:1 with the version you are using, so be prepared for that.

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hi, DedruPooru,
thank you very much for your reply, that’s very useful for me, have a nice day :wink:

No problem, good luck on your projects. :slight_smile:

Also check out this tutorial-series. It’s not strictly monogame, but it can easily be used with it.

that’s awesome, I have saved it and will read later :wink:

This is a great series of tutorials for what you’re trying to do. It doesn’t get into the platforming as such but if you follow it closely you will be pretty much all set for starting a mario game.

The monogame content importer works slightly differently from the xna one used here so I suggest researching that before starting. Apart from that it should be fine.

Hope that helps!