How to distribute game to a Mac using MonoKickstart

Couldn’t find any posts that help.

I’m trying to distribute my game to a Mac.

Using flibitijibibo’s MonoKickstart, and the guide here.

When I copy over my game’s contents do I just copy over what was generated when I run my game (openGL) in Release mode or do I have to use the dotnet publish (from the monogame docs)

Why does the dotnet publish command on my small 2D game turn it into 100MB+, and generates a lot of DLLs (do I need them all? even if I’m not using half of them) that I previously didn’t see running the game in Release mode

When I run my game in Release mode I get far fever files
A bunch of, .runtimeconfig.json, MonoGame.Framework.dll, MyGame.exe and some runtime folder
Do I just copy over all of this into my\Contents\Resources folder?
What do I do with the runtime folder? (that has a \osx folder)