How to do Android development on Linux Mint 19.3 Tricia

I installed MonoGame and all templates are visible in MonoDevelop. What is possible is to create a cross platform desktop application from a template (modify the csproj file a bit by replacing 3 times “Any CPU” with “AnyCPU” hit save and I can see the cornflower blue MonoGame window. I still don’t know if and how shader compilation works on Linux? (other than remote compilation which is great if you have shaders that are working already and you just want them to be compiled but not so great for debugging and developing shaders because compilation takes longer and the debug output is not so helpful. Any hint on how to setup shader compilation on Linux (wine was suggested in another thread) would be awesome! :sunglasses:

I tried to chose the Android template and it says it is not supported or something. Anybody here using Linux and developing for Android who can give advice on that?

So for setting up a new project, read: I use VS Code, so that is what I usually do to setup a new project. Extra note, if you use Rider, those templates will show up in there.

As for Android on Linux, you can set it up, but its really a pain the the something, You need xamarin android installed, and its not officially supported, so to do it, your best bet is to follow something like: I remember doing some extra steps and skipping some steps from there, but generally, its a good tutorial.

Also for C# development on Linux, I would recommend using VS Code or Rider instead of MonoDevelop.

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