How to do Content.Load in an external file

I want to load all my content in a Content.cs file with a function LoadAllContent where there I put all the playersprite = Content.Load<>("") and things like that. It will work similar to having a custom update in a file, so I will go to the LoadContent() area on the Game1.cs file and basically just type something like Content.LoadAllContent(); in the LoadContent function in the Game1.cs file. Ask me if you have any questions. Thanks

The intent and question is not clear.

The intent is to load all my content in a different file than the normal “Game1.cs” file to keep it cleaner.

Make a file called something like Content.cs that’s just a static class with a static void Load(ContentManager content) function that initializes a bunch of static fields. An easy example with a few sound effects is here:

I call SoundEffects.Load() from my main game like this:

Thank you sooo much!