how to get fill mode of solid and wireframe at the same time ?

how to get effect of solid and wireframe at the same time
while the FillMode only allow one mode
like this from blender

i draw like this

 public static VertexPositionColor[] triVertices = new VertexPositionColor[0];
 if ( triVertices.Length > 0)
                    GraphicsDevice.DrawUserPrimitives(PrimitiveType.TriangleList, triVertices, 0, triVertices.Length / 3);

Haven’t work much with 3D, but one way I’d do it (perhaps expensive) would be to place two instances of the same model one with solid and the other with wireframe. Most likely you’d get some Z fighting though.


You could use a 2 pass shader, the first renders with fill the second wireframe.

You may need to expand the scale on the second pass by a small amount to prevent Z fighting.


Wireframe without Z-Fighting | Catalin ZZ (

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