How to get text input from the user for a game on a phone?

I am writing a game and the player will choose an Avatar to represent them. I would like to be able to allow the user to enter in a text name, or nick name that will be associated with the Avatar they choose.

How can this be done in Monogame? How do I invoke the default phone or Ipad virtual keyboard?
Does anyone know?
I could code my own, but do not want to recreate the wheel as they say.

Iā€™m going to use this page to get the keyboard for Android soon: c# - Open On-Screen Keyboard for Xamarin/Monogame - Stack Overflow

Thanks, for the information. Possibly we can hear from others who might have dealt with this before. I am wondering though about non English language keyboards. If someone for example in China uses their keyboard, can XNA/Monogame handle their characters?

I could make my own keyboard and handle the key presses and text in XNA, but it would be english specific, which is fine, but is limiting. Anyway, if anyone else has input on the question, please help us out.

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