How to Implement AAC Music Fles?

I’ve been porting my Windows / Xbox360 XNA game to Mac with MonoDevelop and MonoGame. In my MonoGame content project, the content importer is set to “MP3 Audio File - XNA Framework,” and the content processor is set to “MonoGame Song.” When I build the project, it creates XNB files and WMA files. However, my Mac can’t play WMA files.

The advice I’ve read so far is to use AAC files, but how would I go about doing that? The MonoGame content project only outputs XNBs and WMAs. I tried replacing the WMAs in the main project and manually editing the XNB files to reflect this change, but it just gave me an error.

I figured out a solution if anybody’s interested. I used Ogg files instead of AACs. To do this I incorporated OggSharp from and the DynamicSoundEffectInstance from with some modifications.