How To Include Missing Intellesense in

Hello everyone,

When MonoGame (a hotfix) was released, the NuGet packages did not include the XML documentation file. This means no intellisense with those nice juicy descriptions as to what things do when you hover over them. Why were they not included? Oversight? Mistake? I dunno, but hey, things happen.

So, if you want to include them yourself, you would need to manually clone the git repo, update the csproj files to tell them to generate the documentation files, then build the projects to get them. But that’s a lot of work and I hear you.

So I’ve done it for you.

How to Include Missing Intellisense

Since I am unable to upload XML files here on the forums, I’ve created a GitHub repo with all the steps neccessary to include the missing intellisense. You can find this at the following link


Works like a charm, thank you so much for this. Huge help.


Please add “C:\Users” to the address, to allow complete beginners a chance :slight_smile:

Can confirm it is present in, but not in

Thanks for pointing this fix out :sake:

Another way to get this xml is to download previous a NuGet and navigating to the folder to find the MonoGame.Framework.dll and copy the xml file from there into the current branch. so you likely already have it locally if you ever used the NuGet manager to try another release of MG such as the develop branch, which also has the xml file.

Happy Coding!