How to install Monogame on Linux Mint 18?

h1 = http
h2 = https
(Sorry for h1 and h2 but forum did not allow me to create a topic :frowning: )
I tried both: h1:// and h1://
I added mono ppa and install all mono and libopenal-dev

I have templates apps: h2://
But I don’t have package: h2://
If I manually add assemblies then template works: h2://
But when I tried simple example: h2://
I got error: h2://

Update: I fixed openal error by coping OpenTK.dll.config to exe file folder.
Thank you in advance!

The templates are working properly, but there is a bug in MonoDevelop 5 which doesn’t properly tell you if the reference exists in case they are using dynamic path. Just run the app it will work, MonoDevelop 6 has this bug fixed.

Thank you cra0zy.
I hope MonoDevelop 6 will be available on ppa soon