How to install MonoGame on the Mac ?

Hi everyone,

I have been trying to install monogame 3.4 for hours and hours on my mac, still with no success.
It is such a pain to install monogame on the MacOS platform, so i wish you guys could create or give me a link to a detailed tutorial.
I have already been using XNA and MonoGame on windows for a long time already, but when switching to a mac it just gets impossible to get it to work.

I installed the package in the Downloads section, but when i go to the Add-In manager in Xamarin, i don’t know what to do as there is no add-in package or anything…

Anyways, hope you will help me get out of this “frustration mode”, thank you in advance.

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you may want this

For the Xamarin Studio addin go Tools > Addin Manager > Gallery, search for MonoGame and install the addin.
For the Pipeline Tool download it from:

That has nothing to do with the question

Thank you all. Everything is now correctly installed, and it ran once. But now, everytime I try to run my Monogame app, there is inly the app’s icon jumping on the dock, and no window is showing. It runs like that forever…

I already had this problem the first time I tried to install MonoGame, and still can’t overcome it… Thank you a lot for any help.

Don’t you need an .mpack file?

Monogame 3.4 doesn’t have one.

I’ve been trying to run a file, but it keeps telling me that I’m missing an assembly reference.


I am so disappointed in humanity right now…

I don’t understand the facepalm? MonoGame does feel like a delicate product. If I do nothing but add in the MonoGame from nuget as is, it works – sure. What happens if I touch something, like that lil update in the packages folder? I get a huge distraction away from working on my game because now it’s busted. I know, I’ll just build MonoGame from source… oh no, even after a clean build, another NRE only now it’s in the Game1 ctor. It’s quite frustrating.

For anyone wondering about FACEPALM, you do realize that MonoDevelop has online gallery under addin section, right?

Somewhat belated, but here is a text and video tutorial on getting up and running with MonoGame on MacOS