How to install Monogame on Windows 10

I have Windows 10 , Visual Studio 2013 and XNA 4.0 and it works.
I want to begin with Monogame. I got Visual Studio Community 2015
How can I install Monogame on Visual Studio Community 2015? Do I need install any additional components ? (I mean lastest Windows Game, Windows SDK ???).

Best to use the 3.5 dev release for rtm win 10 development.

You can find it on the MonoGame site download page

Simon, MonoGame site download page does not provides detail step-by-step info about installing . Currently I have VS 2013 with XNA 4.0 and Monogame 3.0 inside VS 2013. Also I have VS 2015 Community. My goal - to add Monogame last version (3.4 or ++) to VS 2015. How to do it ?. I don’t want to start installation without getting detailed info about it. because Monogame does not include Content project But in internet I don’t see any detailed info. Do I need uninstall Monogame 3.0 ? How to add Monogame inside VS 2015 ? Must XNA 4.0 present inside VS 2015 ?

*Edit, my bad.

The latest development releases are available on the MG Downloads page in the development builds section

This will install the latest 3.5 beta of MonoGame with the updated UWP templates

Simon ! Thank you very much !