How to integrate my shopping cart into google.

I wrote a shopping cart so that app users can purchase items from my app. How do I integrate my shopping cart with Android, Apple(Itunes) stores even the windows store? The shopping cart is very straight forward. The user clicks on an icon to purchase the item/token. I just need to find out how to integrate with the stores ? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

This is not related to monogame. Google documentation of these stores.

Are you embedding this into a MonoGame project?

The distribution stores would take issue with your method and likely ban you and your apps, just redirect to your website from a shortcut link within your app.



Hi Valentine. No, just think of Angry birds or Candy crush where the user is able to pay for a package of power ups etc.

Sure its’s related. Because I don’t know if my C# code will be interfacing with a web service provided by Google or Apple IOS etc.

Umm, use the distributor APIs for that, they have cracked down on external use unless you are a huge company as far as I know.


What Peon501 means by “not related” is that in Android and iOS, Monogame uses Xamarin.

Purchase integration is done with Xamarin. MonoGame just uses Xamarin to display things, but can’t be held responsible for what Xamarin should do… So you’ll have more luck asking in the Xamarin forums for this kind of questions.

Anyways, just google something like “xamarin in app purchases” and you’ll get all sorts of documentation about how to integrate purchases in Xamarin, in example:

Thanks Valentine. Hey can you shoot me a link to the distributor API’s?

You know I already built my shopping cart. In essence the user clicsk on an icon which is associated with a dollar amount. Like .99, 1.99 etc. Pretty easy. So all I need to do is to communicate with the AppleStore or Android store with a simple request, outlined in step 2 and 3 of the use case below. (Mostly #2)

  1. User presses on of 5 icons selecting a dollar amount to purchase.
  2. The selected dollar amount is passed to the app store and the purchasing occurs.
  3. Validation of payment is received in the app store and this information is sent back to the App.

Look in the distributor pages, I only do XBOX and soon Switch and of course Windows Store.

IAP is not a focus of mine at present.