How to load multiple sounds for background and effects in a good way

I am recreating pokemon platinum for pc and I want to load background music files.
I never worked a lot with audio in monogame.

Can someone explain how

SoundBank and


I could not get any good information from the documentation

SoundBank appears to be deprecated

// Create a song instance
Song song = Content.Load("Content\\Audio\\MySong");
// Create a song collection instance
SongCollection songCollection = new SongCollection();
// Add the song to the collection
To play a song from the song collection, you need to use 
the MediaPlayer class, which provides static methods and 
properties for controlling the playback. For example:
// Play the song collection
// Pause the playback
// Resume the playback
// Stop the playback
// Get or set the volume
MediaPlayer.Volume = 0.5f;
// Get or set the position
MediaPlayer.PlayPosition = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(10);
// Get or set the repeat mode
MediaPlayer.IsRepeating = true;

This should help ypu get started with SongCollection.

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