How to load tile properties using TiledSharp

Hi, first I apologize if this is in the wrong category.

I’m using Tiledsharp to import tmx maps into my game, and creating the tiles and drawing them okay. The problem I’m having is that I can’t figure out how to get the tile custom properties info from Tiledsharp. I can find the individual tile GID, X, Y, etc as shown in the hierarchy here (map.Layers[ ].Tiles[ ].Gid for example).

There are definitions to get map properties, tileset properties, and layer properties and I can do that okay. When researching this question before posting I found this, but the answer is retrieving the tileset properties and not actually answering the OP’s question.

I am doing all of this because I want to have a specific tile in my tileset that for example is water and can not be walked on. I figure this could also be useful when writing a pathfinding algorithm by having a specific tile in the tileset have a different cost to walk on than others.

Just to be clear, I’m not talking about a specific tile on the tilemap overall, but the property of any tile with a GID of 1 for example would have a custom property of Color: “black”.

I dont understand what is the problem with the answer from TiledSharp - Tile Properties
Using tiles properties should guve you access to the property you want as long as it is defined.