How to make background transparent?

I have a UWP App and I use SwapChainPanel to insert MonoGame.
in Render():
But it didn’t work.

<Grid Background="White">
    <SwapChainPanel x:Name="swapChainPanel">

Could you help me to figure out it?

Hi @Aloento, Welcome to the Community!

I like your project!

Perhaps, you should do the background inside MG instead?

What are you hoping to achieve?

Happy Coding!


I found this:

swapChainPanel.Background.Opacity = 0.3;

But unsure how to use an instance of it, been a while since I did any coding :frowning: only just getting back into the swing of things…


Unfortunately this is completely not possible…


Well… half way there…

        <SwapChainPanel x:Name="swapChainPanel" Opacity="0.3"/>
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But if you use Opacity, which means all of them will be transparent. For my part, I tried, if Opacity is 0.0 that nothing will show out.
SuperSpineViewer-Sharp-/MonoPlay.cs at master · soarteam/SuperSpineViewer-Sharp- (
There is my _game type. If you are interested, you can check it.

I just want to know why you need the transparency when you can just colour the background any colour you want?

No, I need to take a screenshot for this Spine animate and save it to a PNG file.
I want to provide a function that export Spine animate to sequence.

You do realise, you can just colour the background Magenta, as that would be required anyway?

For this function, it cannot include any background. It must be transparent. Otherwise, the export file will not be available to use for creating videos.

Just consider it a shortcut for the time being so you can resume development…

Also, videos can perform chromakeying

I know how to do this in XNA4 with WPF. And I have already done it in Java.
I will try it out and resume development.

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This is Java type. I’m a freshman at C# with UWP and Monogame so I will learn more.


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