How to make Installers?

Hello again

When it comes to publishing game(s), so far I have just zipped Release folder and told the users to install needed dependencies for games to work.

But if/when I publish commercially or more professionally, how can I make installers? I have tried Visual Studios installer maker in the past but it just crashed every time or didn’t work at all. Now that I think about it, when Steam downloads a game it doesn’t popup installer for any game, so are installers needed for Steam release?

And about dependencies, I believe that MonoGame requires .NET Framework 4.6 and OpenAL, is there anything else, and how can I install them for the user?

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Hello! :slight_smile:

I know that you can use Inno Setup, it’s easy to use, scriptable and it seems that you can install dependencies automatically (here is an example for the .NET Framework).

I don’t know how it works on Steam, but I suppose that you can require some dependencies. When you install some games, a popup can appear to install 3rd party softwares.

You can’t really compare making a Steam package to making a regular installer. When defining a Steam package in the management console, it allows you to flag some common dependencies such as the .NET Framework, DirectX, etc. The Steam client will then take care of installing these dependencies for you. The rest of the Steam package is then usually the files from your build output directory.

Using an installer package such as NSIS, Inno Setup, WiX or others to make an installer for Windows is not too hard. There are usually plenty of examples to follow. MonoGame uses NSIS for its installer, but we’re not saying that is the best one for you.