How to profie monogame on android?

I use Rider for c#. How to profile my android app? I spent days googling but found no working solutions.

Use Visual Studio

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I more familiar with rider because of years with unity and php background

Dont use rider, but a quick google search shows this

i never profile because its usually a problem in the architecture… i go for 10x to100x improvements… or just presse breakall a few times and the system will usually stop right where its waiting around for a waithandle …

haa anyone looked at the latest Silk bindings that bypass xamarin. all that ui bloat… Silk Windowing can take OpenGl and mabye monogame can render directly on that. last time it tried my EXE was no smaller. but i see work don to go from java to the rendering… skip the c# hosting… I do all my touch ui in monogame. so i am using xamarin for almost nothing.

also if yo even have to profile or have frame rate issues… look at your time resoltuiosn, your locks ( dont use any) ue two threads and producer consumer pattern. dont use the UI thread except for render… i run physics in a bk thread and draw the last good frame its lockless… sempares depend on the system timers.

You can spin a bk thread and poll the touch and gestures from it at 900 fps… … only problems is the open gll used by monogame needs a bit of work… than the transpiler from silk bindings are better. then are not part of the build… they are generated once in a great while and tested…

to make maintenance easier

Had to do it recently.

The way I achieved it was to build the APK, not forgetting to put the “profilable” flag in the manifest.

Once the app is built, you have to use Android Studio.
Launching Android studio, you can select the APK and profile from there.

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