How to release the mouse under Linux?

I’m building something with MonoGame on Linux, and I am unable to move the mouse outside of the game window (when fullscreen is disabled, of course). Can this behavior be turned off somehow?

I never had that issue, what version of monogame are you using?

I built MonoGame from git a few days ago.

What Desktop Enviorment are you using?

I’m using i3. Post must be at least 20 characters.

Tiling window managers do seem to have problems with monogame.

I am floating the window and there’s no change, for what it’s worth.

You got me a little confused, can you rephrase?

i3 allows you to treat certain windows as floating windows, which takes them out of the tiling flow and lets you move them freely and act as if they weren’t being managed by a tiling window manager.