How to retrieve SharpDX-DeviceContext from GraphicsDevice-Object?

I have seen an example where the DeviceContext could be retrieved simply by casting ((DeviceContext)GraphicsDevice.ContextHandle)…

… but this is not possible anymore due to the fact, that GraphicsDevice has no .ContextHandle-Property. Is it still possible to access it? I want to retrieve the ConstantBuffers of a set VertexShader based on ((DeviceContext)GraphicsDevice.ContextHandle).VertexShader.GetConstantBuffers(a, b);

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Ok, I use
var buffers = ((Device)GraphicsDevice.Handle).ImmediateContext.VertexShader.GetConstantBuffers(0, 8);

… but for some reason it returns for every index null, although the effect is applied and the value of a constant in the cbuffer is set by .Parameters[“name”].SetValue(…).


Edit: .GetConstantBuffers returns a value AFTER a Draw-Call, but that makes no sense… I am refering to following example:
How much did change since then?

Solved: Thank God, question solved: