How to set a monitor that the game window should appear on?

Hi, I am having troubles with how to set the default monitor that the game window should appear on. Is there any possible way how to achieve this? Thanks!

Which OS are you on?

There is no way to set the monitor directly with the MG API, but you can set the window position which you can use to move the window to a specific screen.

I am on Windows 7-10

Have you set your preferred display as your default one?

Also, are you using a hybrid display system?

I havent found an option for prefered display anywhere… Just prefered width and height. Where can I find it, please? EDIT: If you mean setting default monitor in Windows than this is impossible for our project. We cannot rely on any configuration of the OS. I need to have a way to say display this window on e. g. DISPLAY2 no matter which monitor is the default monitor.

Please see my previous comment. You can set the window position. If you can get the monitor bounds with platform specific calls (since it’s not exposed by MG), you can set the position of the window so it appears on a certain monitor.

Yes, I saw it and I will give it a try but @MrValentine mentioned something about the preferred display and it wasn’t clear if “preferred display” is something that you can set in the code or just, in general, the monitor I would like to display the window on…

I’m leaving this one, good luck