How to update Dynamic Vertex Buffer only few Vertices?


I am using cloth simulation techniques in my model.

So i take the cloth model, I wanted to update only 3000 vertices out of 12000 vertices in the model.

I am creating a DynamicVertexBuffer for 12000 vertices and in that updating the vertex positions alone to 3000 cloth vertices.

But anyway I have to send these all 12000 vertices to CPU to GPU for every frame using SetVertexBuffer. This is slowing down my application. I am getting only 2 fps.

Please advice me is there any way to update the position alone from existing GPU Vertexbuffer directly, so that I can skip sending the entire DynamicVertexbuffer from CPU to GPU.

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pretty sure that sending 12000 vertices per frame is not the reason your application is slow unless the array generation is taking up too much time&memory, but basically every normal game scene has magnitudes more vertices to send per frame.

that said, the vertexBuffer.SetData() has the option to only send a chunk of vertices (update parts of the array instead of the array)

You can read about it here:,ssl&ei=c5bFV4HUNKqE6ATZrp_wCw

Thanks for the reply!
Let me check what other issues causing the issue.