How to use Content Pipeline on Linux

Hi, I use Monogame 3.4 installed through the Monogame.Linux.Zip and the addin in Monodevelop on Ubuntu 15.10.

I got the content pipeline tool up and running, also Monogame works aswell. The problem comes when I try to load an asset, then I get this runtime error: from this line:
box = Content.Load<Texture2D>("foo/orange");
I have an asset built under Content/bin/Windows/foo/orange.xnb, but the game doesn’t seem to find it. I did try and create Content/bin/Linux/foo/orange.xnb but then I got the exact same runtime error.

Help is greatly appreciated.

Okey, the problem was that the content wasn’t copied to the output folder where the game was executed.

One can solve it by simply copying Content/bin/Windows/* to bin/Debug/Content.

2 things:

  1. The copying of assets to output folder will be resolved when MG 3.5 gets released.

  2. Set the platform of the Pipeline Tool to “Linux”, otherwise you won’t be able to load some stuff like Song

funrep, You could just change the build directory of the ContentBuilder to where your application compiles to so this is not an issue.