How to use DirectXMesh in MonoGame

Hi guys and gals,
has anyone used DirectXMesh with MonoGame yet? I want to display very very large meshes with MonoGame and have severe performance problems. I stumbled upon DirectXMesh and hope to improve it a little bit with this or ID3DXMesh. Both allow for optimization of VertexBuffers (re-order vertices and indices).

Unfortunately I could not find an example and couldn’t figure it out for myself how to use it with MonoGame. Could anyone provide me with a simple example?

Thank you,

Monogame relys on the underlying assimp which i don’t think can load a directxmesh yet.

That said the sdkmesh can be loaded with the direct xtk toolkit.
Which is very much like xna since the same guys that made xna are creating it.
So maybe post a feature request issue on the monogame github site.

I’ll have a look. Thank you : )