How's MonoGame on Linux?

Heya! Looking to try out MonoGame, as it looks like a great framework and I love that it’s open source. I was just curious, how is Linux support for MonoGame? Does it function exactly like Windows in terms of support and performance (both as a developer and as a consumer)? Answers would be appreciated!

MonoGame works just as well on Linux as on Windows in my experience, especially with .NET Core. The main development issue is shaders can’t be compiled natively on macOS and Linux, but this will be addressed in 3.8 and will have full native support in the future.

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Great to know, thanks!

I use Linux as my daily driver, so yea, works great!

I too use Linux as my primary development platform, using Rider for an IDE. I just have to switch to Windows + Visual Studio when building for other platforms (UWP, Android, iOS, Playstation).

You can install Xamarin.Android on Linux.

Yes, you are right Android does work on Linux, and I did have it working for a time however there were a few more hoops to jump through to set it up and apparently it’s not working with latest versions (in regards to use with Rider that is)

you can develop in MonoDevelop and the install process for the project templates is also straight forward… installing monogame is pretty easy, using the open gl platform indpendent project template that is supposed to work everywhere works great on linux… you can make your game on a potato like me… and thats awesome… and the game you are making is crazy fast too…