Hydraulic Empire Kickstarter by Solitude Entertainment

Hello Everyone!

Im not sure where to post this (and I have been looking), if there is a better place to post this please let me know. That being said we have launched a Kickstarter campaign for our game “Hydraulic Empire” here:

Hydraulic Empire Kickstarter

We have been working with XNA/Monogame for quite some time (sense XNA 2.0), and on this project specifically for about 5 months. We love MonoGame and want to help to grow this community. We are humbly asking for support from the community, in exchange for support for your projects in the future. We are a part of the kickingitforward.org project, and we will be looking for MonoGame projects to back provided we turn a profit. We are also here to help with any code issues you guys may be having. We have developed our own custom engine, and so there is a good chance we have had to overcome some of the same issues you guys currently have.

So in short we would like to help build this community by launching projects of our own and supporting others with money and code from our projects.

Solitude Games