I cannot load Song

I cannot load the song to my game. I got error in both templates WindowsDX and WindowsGL. Monogame Develop Build 1252

Both files .wma and .xnb are exist in Content folder and Build Actions are sets to Content, and Copy Always to output dir. Checked with mp3/ogg too with no result.

The Song works perfect with XNA, and with MonoGame I cannot load any song.
Any1 can help me?



the instruction :
(mp3 and wma files should play correctly with WinDX)
1 : Make sure you have lastest Development Build of MonoGame from http://www.monogame.net/downloads/
2 : Use DX version of MonoGame because GL version have troubles with Songs
3 : Creates a new GameContent subproject in the current solution and push your media file to project which name contain “(Content)”
4 : Changes ContentProcessor attribute(of your media file) - to MonoGame Song
5 : Includes reference of first content assembly to Game project
6 : Loads it as showed in your screenshots

You dont need to manually set build actions.

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thanks, The newest build 1478 solved the problem