I had issues with IsFullScreen = true in XNA. I had to do workaround. Does MonoGame have this issue.

In my old XNA games I had to simulate fullscreen by doing borderless windows and resizing using System.Windows.Forms. Using the IsFullScreen = true in XNA caused so many issues for me including performance. Does MonoGame have this issues? If yes, can I use my existing XNA “hack” to simulate fullscreen?

Can you elaborate on the issue?

What resolution were you running?

I’ve run MonoGame (3.7, haven’t messed with 3.8 yet) in Full Screen on a couple projects with no issues.

I have resently coded fullscreen/windowmode stuff in 3.8 for some time witout problems. But then again I’m not an expert.

I haven’t noticed any issues, this is what I do: Fullscreen mode - Learn MonoGame

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Thanks I’ll give this a try.