I have an XNA game written in Windows 7 and VS 2010. I need to port it to Visual Studio 2013 or VS 2015

I have an XNA game with great graphics. I am using Windows 7 and Visual Studio 2010. The game is very nice, however I have been working on it in my spare time over the past few years. I want to release it soon. What should I do? Please help me choose the best approach I should take to upgrade the project.

Plan 1 : Upgrade the project to use Visual Studio 2013 using XNA for Mono. (I suspect I will need to use windows 10)

Plan 2: Upgrade the project to use Visual Studio 2015 using XNA for Mono.

I just want to publish my game, and really don’t care if I can’t deploy it to the latest windows platforms. If I can deploy it to the Android platform, or apple Ipod/Ipad platform, that is fine with me. I don’t have to deploy to the windows store, although I would like to if I can.

I have donated money to help XNA for mono going, and would be happy to help out more in the future, as I hope others do.

You don’t need to upgrade your project. Keep the XNA one, you can just create a new MonoGame app for the target platform you want (probably WindowsDX) and link all the source files from the XNA one to the new project. MonoGame will work in VS2010 AFAIK so there is no need to upgrade unless you really want to (VS2013/15 are better IDE’s).

btw this isn’t “XNA for mono” that was a different project if I remember correctly. MonoGame uses .net on windows based platforms and mono on others, so its not really tied to the mono project :slight_smile: